Yrjo Hame, PhD

Finland | Fulbright S&T Alumnus 2010 | Columbia University | Biomedical Engineering

profilepichameyrjoYrjö Häme is a Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University. As a recipient of the International Fulbright Science & Technology Award, he focuses on the analysis of medical images.

By combining current computational capabilities with the increasingly large amount of available medical image data, intelligent analysis methods hold great promise for the future of medical care. Yrjö aims to develop new analysis methods that will help clinicians diagnose and treat patients more effectively and efficiently. Intelligent analysis methods involve reliable quantification of all available images and other information known about the patient, including statistical information, which enables an analysis that would be nearly impossible for the human observer.

Yrjö comes from Finland. He obtained his Master’s degree in Computer and Information Science from Helsinki University of Technology. During his studies, Yrjö spent one year at RWTH Aachen in Germany where he was introduced to the field of medical image analysis. His thesis investigated reconstruction of the cortex from magnetic resonance images. Subsequent to completion of his academic studies, Yrjö worked for two years in research and has published work on liver tumor segmentation.

Yrjö enjoys many forms of music. He plays the trombone and the guitar and is an active salsa dancer.