Tuyatsetseg Badarch, PhD

Mongolia (Fulbright S&T grantee 2010)


Tuyatsetseg Badarch, a Mongolian recipient of the International Fulbright Science & Technology Award, is a PhD student in Telecommunications, Electrical, and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University. She is focused on analysis of network traffic intensity, traffic distribution phenomena, random arrival calls patterns, and performance of real time IP based heterogeneous networks.

Tuyatsetseg received both a Bachelor and Master’s degree from the Mongolian Science and Technology University as well as a postgraduate degree from the Space Science and Technology Center in India. Tuyatsetseg also attended Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications in China and spent time in Taiwan as a researcher. Prior to arriving in the U.S., she was involved in helping disadvantaged families educate their children. She hopes that upon her to Mongolia, her teaching and research will make a valuable contribution in the information and communication technologies field and also to continue to work with disadvantaged children.