Tinashe Dhliwayo

Zimbabwe | Fulbright S&T awardee 2009 | North Carolina State University | Nuclear Engineering

profilepicdhliwayotinasheTinashe Dhliwayo is a Ph.D. student in the Nuclear Engineering Department at North Carolina State University. He is researching ultra cold neutrons (UCN). UCN are free neutrons moving at speeds less than 10 meters per second and undergo total reflection from surfaces of many materials at all angles of incidence. They can be stored in material bottles up to about 100 seconds. MCNP (Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code) is going to be used to simulate the neutron fluxes at different distances from the core of the pulstar reactor through a tank full of heavy water. The simulated results will be compared with the actual results taken using detectors to verify if MCNP reactor simulation gives accurate neutron fluxes.

Tinashe was selected to represent his native Zimbabwe as an International Fulbright Science & Technology Fellow in 2009. In Zimbabwe, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Physics from Midlands State University and then a Master’s degree in Applied Physics from the University of Zimbabwe. More than anything else, Tinashe enjoys the experience of teaching.