Tamaki Bieri, PhD

Switzerland | Fulbright S&T grantee 2010 | Stanford University | Cell and Molecular Biology

tamaki-bieriTamaki obtained her PhD in Biology from Stanford University, where she studied the various cellular mechanisms that lead to the loss of algae during coral bleaching. When presenting her work, she was often asked if the findings could prevent corals from bleaching. Unfortunately, the short answer is no, because the major causes of coral bleaching are global warming and pollution.

Looking for ways to have an impact on the real world and ultimately contribute to coral reef conservation, Tamaki made a major career change into the financial sector, where she is looking to engage in conservation finance (practice of raising and managing capital to support land, water, and resource conservation).

Currently, she works with the Sustainable & Impact Investment Advisory team at Credit Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland.



PhD (2015, Cell and Molecular Biology) Stanford University, USA
MS (2010, Neuroscience) ETH Zurich, Switzerland
BS (2008, Biology) ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Current Affiliation

Credit Suisse
Sustainable & Impact Investment Advisory
Zurich, Switzerland


Research Highlights