Pavlo Bohutskyi

Ukraine | Fulbright S&T awardee 2008 | Johns Hopkins University | Environmental Engineering

profilepicbohutskyipavloUkrainian International Fulbright Science & Technology Award Fellow Pavlo Bohutskyi is a Ph.D student in Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Under the direction of Professor Bouwer, Pavlo is conducting research in biofuel production from algae. His approach relies on the conversion of sunlight energy to a methane gas that can be applied as an alternative to a natural gas.

The development of an effective technology of a biogas production from algae would help to target a variety of important global problems including: development of renewable energy sources; decrease of carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere which would result in slowing down global warming; rejection of the application of food sources for fuel production; and conservation of fresh water by using sea or brackish water for algae culturing.

Pavlo is working on the improvement of algae production’s anaerobic digestion process by applying novel methods of metabolic manipulations and genetic modifications in order to improve algae composition and larger methane productivity.

He is a graduate of the Ukrainian National Academy of Environmental Protection and Development, where he received a degree in Civil Engineering focusing on the area of Water/Wastewater Engineering. In 2003, Pavlo received a Junior Faculty Development Program Award and spent time at University of Missouri, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, conducting research on the treatment of emerging contaminants in drinking water. Upon his return to Ukraine, he founded Water Technologies, a research-and-production company that specializes in research and engineering of water and wastewater systems. More information about Pavlo can be found at his website,