Nektarios Paisisios, PhD

Cyprus | Fulbright S&T awardee 2007 |  New York University | Computer Science


Nektarios Paisisios is a doctoral candidate in NYU’s Department of Computer Science.  As a blind person, he has a particular interest in finding solutions to such everyday problems as the inaccessibility of visually presented information, barriers to mobility, and the lack of equal access to mobile phones and other popular devices.  His is currently creating mobile-phone software that would help visually impaired people navigate unfamiliar environments, particularly building interiors, where GPS signals are usually unavailable.  Nektarios’ system instead analyzes the relative strengths of different Wi-Fi signals, together with data from the compass, accelerometer, and other sensors built into modern phones, to assemble a navigator that is easy to use and low in cost.

A native of Cyprus, Nektarios received both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Cyprus.  He will be a Google intern through the summer of 2010.  Nektarios is also proud to have been, in 2004, one of the bearers of the Olympic flame, an event which engraved in his memory “the sense of unity and brotherhood required amongst all peoples.”