Limor Bursztyn

Israel | Fulbright S&T awardee 2007 | Stanford University | Engineering

limor_bursztynLimor Bursztyn is a doctoral candidate in Electrical Engineering at Stanford, where she is studying how neural circuits represent and process information in the brains of fruit flies.

She is currently imaging the activity of specific neurons in the fly’s brain as the insect views changing scenes, as well as investigating how the motion of a walking fly is influenced by such stimuli. As this research is strongly interdisciplinary, Limor works with specialists in neurobiology and biophysics in addition to engineering. Her goal is to understand the unique computational capabilities of the brain generally.

Born in Israel, Limor received both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Tel Aviv University, where, as an undergraduate, she became a research assistant in the reproductive and respiratory bio-engineering laboratory. Her Master’s thesis explored a mathematical model for excitation and contraction in cells of the myometrium, the muscular middle layer in the wall of the uterus.