Kärt Tomberg, PhD

Estonia | Fulbright S&T awardee 2010 | University of Michigan-Ann Arbor | Human Genetics


Kärt has always been fascinated with physiological processes that require complex interactions of multiple organs. Her primary research interest lies in the field of human genetics, with a focus on the genetic determinants of such complex interactions. This interest began during her undergraduate research and academic training in Prof. M. Laan’s lab in Estonia where she worked on the genetic components of blood pressure traits and recurrent miscarriage. These experiences led her to join Dr. David Ginsburg’s lab at the University of Michigan that primarily works on the genetic determinants of traits related to blood coagulation. Her PhD thesis work focused on identifying novel genes involved in thrombosis. Tackling difficult yet exciting questions in genetics has been Kärt’s main driving force towards developing an academic career.

Kärt is currently backpacking through Central and South America while finishing up papers and writing grants. After this 8-month long adventure, she plans to return back to Europe and continue her research as a postdoctoral fellow.



PhD (2016, Human Genetics) University of Michigan, USA
MS (2010, Molecular and Cell Biology) University of Tartu, Estonia
BS (2007, Biology) University of Tartu, Estonia