Jaroslav Trnka

Czech RepublicFulbright S&T awardee 2008 | Princeton University | Physics

profilepictrnkajaroslav (1)As an International Fulbright Science & Technology Fellow, Jaroslav is currently undertaking Ph.D. studies in Theoretical Physics at Princeton University. His current projects are related to the calculations of scattering amplitudes in N = 4 Super Yang-Mills theory and the understanding of underlying Yangian symmetry at loop level.

A native of Czech Republic, Jaroslav Trnka interests include theoretical physics, especially modern topics in Quantum field theory. He finished his Master’s degree at Charles University in the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Jaroslav’s Master’s thesis considered the low energy effective field theories for Quantum Chromodynamics and possible extensions for resonance regions.

It has been know for a long time that there currently is a huge simplification in the actual results for scattering amplitudes in almost all quantum field theories comparing to the complexity of Feynman diagram expansion. Millions of diagrams are needed for calculation even of tree level QCD amplitudes for special helicity configurations to shrink into one single term. It suggests that there exists a dual formulation of quantum field theory that does not rely on the manifest locality and stresses symmetries as the guiding principle. The N = 4 Super Yang-Mills theory is a perfect toy example to study, it is often called the harmonic oscillator of 21th century.

In this endeavor, Jaroslav collaborates with his advisor Nima Arkan-Hamed, a leading theoretical physicist; Freddy Cachazo, a professor at the Perimeter Institute in Canada; and, Jacob Bourjaily, a graduate student at Princeton University. Jaroslav is also in contact with other groups working in the same field and attends workshops and meetings devoted to this topic. As a result, he has written three papers with his advisor and main collaborators and two papers based on his work with other groups.