Goldie Phillips, PhD

Trinidad & Tobago | Fulbright S&T awardee 2009 | Duke University | Oceanography


Goldie Phillips is an International Fulbright Science & Technology Fellow pursuing doctoral studies at Duke University Marine Laboratory, where she plans to investigate the effects of seismic exploration on marine mammals around Trinidad and Tobago. As part of her research, she is looking at the abundance and distribution of marine mammals within an offshore area that has been proposed for United States Navy sonar experiments.

Trinidad and Tobago has one of the largest oil and gas industries in the Caribbean region, and yet the impact these industries have made on marine life has been virtually unexplored. Goldie’s research will commence with the first assessment of the local cetacean population through an investigation of the seasonal species composition, abundance and distribution in a relatively pristine area that will soon be subjected to heavy oil and gas exploration. Research results will be used to inform local decision makers so that species management policies can be informed and implemented. In the subsequent analysis of collected data, predictive habitat models will be built that can be applied to other sensitive areas within the Wider Caribbean Region.

A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Goldie received her undergraduate degree from Livingstone College. While pursuing graduate studies at Duke University, Goldie enjoys sharing her culture with the marine laboratory community and the opportunity to work closely with colleagues and members of the local public who share her passion for marine conservation.