Gina Adam, PhD

Romania | Fulbright S&T awardee 2010 | University of California, Santa Barbara | Electrical and Computer Engineering

profilepicadamginaGina Adam is pursuing a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Her research proposal is related to neuromorphic hybrid circuits, which incorporates the advantages of the CMOS technology with those of the memristive devices.

As an International Fulbright Science & Technology Fellow at UCSB, she has the opportunity to work with the renowned scientist Dmitri Strukov. He was part of the Hewlett-Packard team of researchers, which in 2008 published an article in Nature describing the manufacture of the first memristor, the missing 4th passive electronic device. Unlike the other three passive devices, the resistor, inductor and capacitor, the memristor has a dynamic operation in time, which has raised the attention of the international scientific community because it resembles with how a synapse works. Through her research, Gina hopes to bring solutions in the field of neural networks capable of ultra fast processing of information and advanced learning opportunities.

A native of Romania, Gina received her Bachelor’s degree from Politehnica University of Bucharest. As a recipient of the NanoInitiative Munich International Student Research Award, she had the opportunity to attend a research internship at Ludwig–Maximilians University in Germany, where she gathered hands-on cleanroom experience in fabricating organic transistors. During her undergraduate degree, she received the Roberto Rocca Award for Student Excellence in Engineering and the General Electric Foundation Scholar–Leaders Award. Gina also received a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and has contributed to a number of projects related to the education and research policy in Romania.