Eloise Marais

South AfricaFulbright S&T awardee 2008 | Harvard University | Atmospheric Chemistry


South African International Fulbright Science & Technology Fellow Eloïse Marais received her Master’s degree at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. Although she has always had an interest in exploring the effects of global climate change on Africa, universities in South Africa do not currently provide structured degree programs in the atmospheric sciences. Eloïse therefore concentrated her graduate studies on Photochemistry as a means towards degrading the impact of pesticides in the environment.

There is a growing concern in Africa of the impact of global climate change. However, there is also been a competing fear of how potential carbon trading systems could affect the continent, particularly from those corporations in carbon-heavy industries. Eloïse believes that with increased skills, knowledge, and educational initiatives, Africa will be better prepared to face future environmental challenges.

As an International Fulbright Science and Technology Award Fellow, Eloïse is pursuing her Ph.D. at Harvard University and is affiliated with the Harvard University Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group. While at Harvard, her research has been focused on atmospheric sciences and, upon her return to South Africa, hopes to initiate structured courses within this field in South African universities that will serve to enhance awareness and research about atmospheric sciences throughout Africa.