Derry Tanti Wijaya

Indonesia (Fulbright S&T grantee 2010)

profilepictantiwijayaderryInternational Fulbright Science & Technology Fellow Derry Tanti Wijaya is pursuing doctoral research in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University’s Language Technologies Institute. She plans to carry out research in the area of Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing, with an emphasis on opinion mining.

A native of Indonesia, Derry has also traveled to many countries for her studies and work. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore. After two years as a Business and Information Technology lecturer at the Institute of Technical Education in Singapore, she continued her study at the National University of Singapore to obtain a Master’s degree in Computer Science. During her master’s study, she worked as an intern with Google laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland. After completing her Master’s, she worked with the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in University of Geneva, Switzerland on a European project in ontology-based meta learning.

Originally from the island of Java, Derry speaks both Java as her favorite programming language and Javanese as her native language. She wears a lot of Javanese batik, but does not drink too much coffee, Java or non-Java.