Delgerjargal Dugarjav

Mongolia | Fulbright S&T awardee 2008 | University of Wisconsin-Madison | Forestry


Delgerjargal Dugarjav is a Ph.D. candidate in Forest Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Forest Ecosystems Ecology Laboratory, where she is measuring and modeling the available woody biomass in the Upper Great Lakes for biofuel feedstock and carbon budget.

Delgerjargal’s research will help to improve the quantification of forest biomass and ultimately be used in the sustainable management of forest resource in today’s delicate ecosystems.

A native of Mongolia, Delgerjargal received both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the National University of Mongolia, where her research involved the post fire successional changes in the pine forests, and a second Master’s degree from the Deemed University of Forest Research Institute in the India, where she worked on the Eucalyptus tree volume modeling. She subsequently worked in the Institute of Geoecology in Mongolia. Delgerjargal is a nature lover and enjoys taking photos of plants and birds, swimming, running and riding horses. On campus, she hopes to extend networks between graduate students in environmental science programs and she is an active member of Mongolian Young Geoscientists’ Association.