Claudia Louis, PhD

Saint Lucia (Fulbright S&T Alumna 2007)


Claudia Louis is a doctoral candidate in Syracuse’s School of Information Studies, where she is studying the use and impact of technology for education and development in resource-poor countries. Claudia seeks to learn how national and local governments around the world can use information and communications technologies to develop “intelligent communities” that are relevant and competitive in the global environment, particularly by testing and applying theories of competitive advantage already adopted by the private sector. Her research should help to identify best practices and to furnish recommendations for developing nations.

Born on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, Claudia received a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and management from the University of Technology in Kingston, Jamaica, and later earned an MBA degree from Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business in Ottawa, Canada. Her work experience in St. Lucia includes secondary-school teaching and a five-year appointment as a software engineer at the Ministry of Education in Castries. Claudia enjoys travel and outdoor activities.