Caroline Uhler

SwitzerlandFulbright S&T awardee 2007 | University of California, Berkeley | Statistics

carolineuhlerCaroline Uhler is a doctoral candidate in UCB’s Department of Statistics. Her general research field is algebraic statistics, which brings the methods of algebra and algebraic geometry to bear upon statistical problems.  Her particular interest is the validity of maximum-likelihood estimates (MLEs), which have appealing mathematical properties, in their application to Gaussian graphical models of statistical distributions involving a large number of variables, but for which only a few constraining observations are available.  This question is of importance, for example, to the study of genetic networks, in which gene-expression data may be known for only a few individuals.  During her first year at Berkeley, Caroline gained experience in this field through a collaborative study of the Neanderthal mitochondrial genome.

A native of Switzerland, Caroline received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mathematics and biology from the University of Zurich, where she subsequently completed a Didactic Education Program for high-school teachers.  She earlier taught English at a public school in Thailand.  At Berkeley, Caroline is active in networking with fellow Swiss students, and in organizing ethnic dinners in San Francisco for Fulbrighters in the Bay area.