Camilo Ortiz Diaz

ColombiaFulbright S&T awardee 2008 | Georgia Institute of Technology | Operations Research


Camilo Ortiz is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Operations Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). His research interests are related to large scale convex optimization methods and convex analysis.

Camilo obtained undergraduate degrees in system and computer engineering and mathematics, with a minor in applied mathematics at the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia in 2006. After the completion of his degrees, Camilo and his brother started a software company through a strategic partnership with a software conglomerate. They developed new, cost-effective software applications that increase productivity for small and medium-sized Colombian businesses. Camilo’s work was focused on Business Intelligence and Balanced Scorecards.

His entrepreneurial aspirations did not eclipse his academic pursuits. Before graduation, Camilo took a national exam for systems engineering graduates for which he received the highest score at his university and the second highest in Colombia. These results were acknowledged by the Universidad de los Andes with a full scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in industrial engineering, with a concentration in operations research and statistics.

In 2007, his Master’s thesis was accepted at the 22nd European Conference on Operational Research in Prague. At this time, Camilo developed an interest in problems involving optimization and applied mathematics, which encouraged him to apply to the International Fulbright Science & Technology Award to continue his studies in Operations Research in the U.S.