Anne Van Oosten, PhD

Netherlands (Fulbright S&T Alumna 2010)

profilepicvanoostenanneInternational Fulbright Science & Technology Fellow Anne van Oosten is a PhD student in the Bioengineering department of the University of Pennsylvania. Her primary research interest is to investigate how mammalian cells respond to their mechanical environment, such as the stiffness of the material they grow on. Research has shown that cell behavior and their function are dependent on the mechanical environment that the cells experience. This means that if these processes are fully elucidated one could modify a cells environment in such a way that it would take up a desired function, for example producing biomolecules that will help build up cartilage. Anne hopes that her research will contribute in developing a successful method to tissue engineer connective tissues such as cartilage and bone. Anne was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands where she finished her undergraduate degree in Medical Natural Science. During her Master’s study in Medical Physics, she did research in Copenhagen, Denmark. She also participated in a year-long exchange program to the U.S., studying at the University of Idaho. After science Anne’s biggest passion is classical music. She plays the clarinet at an advanced level, and is studying music theory and music history in her spare time. She truly believes that her musical endeavors are of the utmost importance in allowing her to stay creative in the scientific field.