Alejandro Reyes Muñoz

Colombia | Fulbright S&T awardee 2007 | Washington University, St. Louis | Computational and Systems Biology


Alejandro Reyes Muñoz is a Ph.D. candidate in computational and systems biology at Washington University’s Center for Genome Sciences, where he is studying the relationship between the microbiota (microbial communities) resident in the human gut and such varied physiological states as obesity and malnutrition.  Within mammals, and especially humans, microbiota are essential for digestion and for the acquisition of nutrients.  His research focuses particularly on the role that bacteria-infecting viruses play within these complex microbial communities, and their effect on disease.

A native of Colombia, Alejandro Reyes received both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in microbiology from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá.  In research undertaken before beginning his current doctoral program, he studied the viral infection of shrimp genes, and also the molecular biology and genetics of the tuberculosis bacterium, which led to the development of new methods for the identification of drug-resistant tuberculosis.