Vision & Mission


FuS&TFA aims to be the voice, the essential resource and network for all Fulbright Science and Technology Fellows, Current and Alumni, throughout the world; a platform for finding solutions that benefit themselves personally and professionally, benefit the Fulbright Science and Technology Program in general, and benefit the world as a whole.


FuS&TFA’s mission is to serve all Fellows around the world by promoting, facilitating, collaborating, and sharing all of our knowledge with the goal of enhancing the Fulbright S&T experience; communicating our excitement for Science and Technology, and developing strong bonds between all our members.


Mutual Understanding: We live in the spirit of the Fulbright Program and understand that our strongest advantage is our diversity as a group. We are genuinely interested in developing a strong community that enacts our principles of mutual understanding, collaboration across fields, and embracing of new ideas.

Positive Social Impact: We build strong relationships that extend our bonds beyond borders and ideas. We want to help our countries to achieve excellence and contribute greatly in making this world a better place to live in.

Community driven: We built this association for our community, to provide solutions to new challenges and problems. We strive to maintain and improve it.

Reward and Performance: We expect individual commitment to ethics and integrity. Each member makes a unique contribution to our character and strength as an association. We strive to create an atmosphere where each member can share their enthusiasm and excitement for Science and Technology.

Team Spirit: Teamwork is essential to our Association. We support each other by sharing tasks, ideas and suggestions to improve our community and quality of life. We are passionate about what we do.