William speaks in Edmonton, Canada


You probably know William Ogallo as the ever-smiling Fulbright S&T fellow from Kenya studying Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University in the City of New York. Well, did you know that William is also a pharmacist and an ambassador of the Purdue-Kenya Partnership (PKP)? In brief, the PKP is a collaborative initiative between pharmacists from the Purdue University College of Pharmacy and their Kenyan counterparts based in Eldoret, Kenya. The primary goal of PKP is to ensure sustainable access to equitable pharmaceutical services to the underserved population of western Kenya. The team provides pharmaceutical care services targeting a broad range of diseases including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, rheumatic heart disease and cancer. It also focuses on training local and international pharmacy enthusiasts to be the next generation of pharmacy leaders.

PKP’s dedication in breaking healthcare barriers in resource-limited settings continues to be recognized globally. In October 2014, thanks to PKP, Purdue University was selected as one of the finalists in the Peter Magrath University Engagement Award. This is a regional award that recognizes public universities in North America that have redesigned their curricula and engagement functions to become productively involved with communities. William was selected to be part of the Purdue University delegation to Edmonton, Canada where he spoke about the PKP program.

“One core value of the PKP program is the collective, relentless effort to ensure that the patient gets the best care he or she deserves. We even go as far as shunning the notion that patients in resource-limited settings cannot afford to pay for their care, to embracing the fact that sustainable care should be dependent on the ability to provide high quality care services that clients demand and are willing to pay for”

“I always feel honored whenever I represent the Kenyan phase of the PKP program. The Edmonton experience ranks highly for me. Honestly, I never once thought that I would make it to Canada. Everyone was so kind and the scenic beauty of the North Saskatchewan River was definitely breathtaking! ”

William joined the PKP program in 2010 after completing his pharmacy degree training at the University of Nairobi. He is one of the first trainees to graduates from PKP’s Global Health Pharmacy Residence Program. Although William left PKP to pursue his Fulbright-funded PhD in 2012, he continues to be a good ambassador to the program. In addition the speech he gave in Edmonton, William has given talks on behalf of PKP in West Lafayette IN, Orlando FL and Chicago IL. William looks forward to working with the PKP again.