Drashko Nakikj Interviewed for LabTV

It was a fantastic experience ! Members of our lab, including the PI, were giving an interview for NIH’s LabTV ! …a wonderful chance to promote our research and give a message to younger generations. I was really excited and happy about the chance they gave us.”

Drashko Nakikj is a 3rd year Fulbright S&T Fellow. He is in the PhD program in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University in New York City. He is a member of prof. Lena Mamykina’s Lab called Action Research for Collective Health (ARCH). This lab was selected to be interviewed and filmed for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded project called LabTV (more). LabTV features hundreds of brief documentary-style videos of researchers under 40, who tell the public about themselves and their research (videos)

The research in the lab is focuses around individual and collective cognition, sensemaking andproblem-solving in the context of health, health care, and health management. Three main threads of research are present in the lab: 1, diabetes self-management; 2. team hand-off in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)  and 3. collective sensemaking in online health communities. Drashko is working in the last of the three areas.

“Citation from the interview”

To see the full video of the interview please follow this link  [the link].

We hope that other S&T Fellows who work in the biomedical sciences will have a chance to share their work and their personalities with the world through LabTV in the near future.